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Pottermore is MistDraconis201

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Selfies of the Caribbean

This is so important

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i wana cry 

An unreasonable amount of people don’t find bats adorable.

I was expecting to see the “One is not like the other” comment.

I love bats, they were my fav animal as a kid.

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Vanishing Spell

Evanesco (ev-an-ES-ko)

"evanesco" L. to disappear

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queens + season 4 + smiling

#wow each of these gifs is actually really indicative of their personalities #margaery’s smile is both sweet and sly #i mean you know she has schemes out the wazzoo and even with her own grandmother she looks like she’s plotting murder #sansa’s smile is small and shy and lights up her face like nothing else #it’s something you hardly ever see but when you do you just know that she has the kindest, gentlest soul in the world and she deserves so much better than what she’s been put through #dany immediately catches herself as only a queen would #she’s crushing on daario but knows that it will only make things complicated so she hides her emotions as quickly as possible #but it’s obvious that she is totally into it and if you listen closely enough you can hear WHEN A MAAANNnn LOovES A WOMANNN playing in the background #cersei’s is a bullshit half-grin #like “god why do i put up with anybody the fact that i’m not singlehandedly ruling westeros right now is a fuckin joke” #just UGH i love all of these ladies so much

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The Houses of Hogwarts - Created by Autlaw

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You don’t have to protect me. I’m not afraid. Please don’t shut me out again.

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Up by Abedalrahman Arslan


Up by Abedalrahman Arslan

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